Ray Tracing Optical Simulation

Full rigorous analysis of tangential, meridional, and skew rays, on and off axis.
Part numbers (PN) of lenses from Edmund Optics catalog.Click here for specs.
Point source is at z=0. Image plane can represent CMOS or CCD image sensor, camera or equivalent.
All distance units in mm. EFL stands for Effective Focal Length.

Distance (along y axis, ie off z-axis) of object point from axis: mm     lambda: (nm)
Please choose optical components in the optical train and distance along z axis from object point, and orientation:
Optical Component PN(EFL,Dia in brackets) (Component specs)Distance from object(mm)Orientation
Component #0: z0:
Component #1: z1:
Component #2: z2:
Component #3: z3:
image plane z: .